Creating a Data-Driven Culture

The GeoCenter is developing a generation of development practitioners that can more effectively use geospatial technology and data to make informed decisions that improve the strategic planning, design, monitoring, and evaluation of USAID's programs.

Building USAID Mission Capacity

The GeoCenter helps USAID field missions hire in-country foreign nationals to serve as local experts in geographic analysis and mapping. It leads a community of practice that includes more than 50 geospatial professionals across USAID, located in 25 field missions and six Washington-based offices. Each year, the GeoCenter convenes this global network of "Geo-Pros" in Washington, DC to highlight their work, share lessons from the field, and learn about advancements in geo-technology.

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Training USAID Staff

Since its inception, the GeoCenter has trained more than 1,000 staff. Participants learn about the geographic approach to development, the basics of using data, how to use mapping for decision-making and scenario planning techniques to better prepare for a changing future. 

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